Toi Doi – Synaptic Electrophoresis

French old school goa trance artist Gilles Coia, or better known as Toi Doi has released his new full-length album on March 30th as a collaborative release between DAT Records and Suntrip Records. Taking us back to the atmosphere of the ’00s it makes a good use of deeply stretched, hypnotic and dark tunes that triggers some sentimental feelings among the lovers of classic goa trance.

1. Toï Doï – Pixel Voyager
2. Toï Doï – Elliptical
3. Toï Doï – Spiral Dive Remix
4. Toï Doï – Exostatic
5. Toï Doï – Rossignol Perche
6. Toï Doï – Exostatic 3rd Mix
7. Toï Doï – Planet 4
8. Toï Doï – Whale Way Express
9. Toï Doï – Noise